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Free CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 Practice Test

Prepare for the CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 exam with our free practice test. Randomly generated and customizable, this test allows you to choose the number of questions.

  • Questions: 15
  • Time: 60 seconds per question (0 hours, 15 minutes, 0 seconds)
  • Included Objectives:
    • Applications and Software
    • IT Concepts and Terminology
    • Infrastructure
    • Software Development Concepts
    • Database Fundamentals
    • Security

Which of the following enables a computer to connect to a network wirelessly?

  • Wired NIC

  • Wireless NIC

  • Modem

  • Access point

Which interface type requires a user to interact with the operating system using written commands, often in a text-only environment?

  • Multi-touch interface

  • Motion gesture interface

  • Command line interface

  • Graphical user interface

You have been tasked with ensuring the secure use of mobile applications within your company. Which of the following practices should be enforced to minimize the risk of data compromise?

  • Employees should be required to regularly update all mobile applications to the latest version.

  • It's advisable to use mobile applications over unsecured public Wi-Fi networks to save company data usage.

  • Employees should be encouraged to download apps from any source if it meets their business needs.

  • Sharing app login credentials among team members is acceptable for ease of access.

A company is developing a web application that will handle sensitive customer data, including transactions. The application will have a web interface for users, a business logic layer to process the data, and a separate database for data storage. Which of the following application architecture models is BEST suited for their needs?

  • The n-tier application architecture model.

  • The three-tier application architecture model.

  • The two-tier application architecture model.

  • The one-tier application architecture model.

During an audit, you are asked to verify that a software license purchase was made by your company. What would serve as the best form of non-repudiation to prove the transaction occurred?

  • Installed version of the software on the company computers

  • Purchase receipt of the software license

  • Verbal assurance from the department head

  • User manual for the software

A user reports that their computer will not turn on. After confirming that the computer is properly plugged in, what is the NEXT most obvious question to ask to troubleshoot the power issue?

  • Have you tried using another device on the same power source?

  • Did you install new software before the computer failed to turn on?

  • Are there any error messages on the screen?

  • Is the power outlet functioning?

What is the purpose of a product key when installing software?

  • To activate additional features not included in the base version of the software

  • To provide a password for accessing the installed application

  • To uniquely identify each user who installs the software

  • To verify the legitimacy of the software and ensure it is not used beyond its licensed agreement

While working as a help desk technician, you are faced with a reported issue that a certain application is not starting on several computers within the organization. You've gathered the necessary information, duplicated the problem, and questioned the users. What is the most effective next step in identifying the probable cause of the application failure?

  • Directly edit the application's source code to find potential bugs.

  • Replace all the computers where the application failed to start.

  • Consult the application's knowledge base or the Internet for similar issues and documented solutions.

  • Advise users to restart their computers until the application starts successfully.

Constants in programming use identifiers that allow their values to be changed during program execution.

  • True

  • False

A small architecture firm requires a CAD software that will be used by various employees at different times, but never by more than one employee simultaneously. They are looking to minimize cost without violating any licensing agreements. Which licensing model should they consider?

  • Single use license

  • Group use/site license

  • Concurrent license

  • Subscription license

A local graphic design company is upgrading its design workstation to handle larger and more complex projects. The owner wants to ensure that the new system can effectively utilize more than 4GB of RAM to manage heavy design software. What type of processor architecture should the owner ensure is included in the new workstation?

  • 32-bit processor architecture

  • Network Interface Card (NIC)

  • Single-core processor

  • 64-bit processor architecture

  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

  • ARM architecture typically found in mobile devices

A programmer is creating a simple program that will keep track of the score in a children's game. The score starts at zero and increases as points are earned. Which of the following should the programmer use to store the score?

  • A query language

  • A method

  • A function

  • A variable

  • A constant

  • An array

Alice is working on a website that calculates the total cost of products selected by a user. She notices that she is repeatedly writing the same code to calculate the sum of prices. To make her code more efficient, she decides to group this repeated code in one place so that she can call it whenever she needs to perform the calculation. What is the programming concept Alice is utilizing to improve her code?

  • Arrays

  • Objects

  • Functions

  • Variables

In an employee database, a table called 'employees' has a 'salary' field. The company policy states that no employee should have a salary lower than $30,000. Which type of constraint would be used to ensure this policy is enforced?

  • FOREIGN KEY constraint

  • PRIMARY KEY constraint

  • CHECK constraint

  • UNIQUE constraint

In a database, what term is used to describe the characteristic that ensures data remains available and unchanged over time unless purposely modified or deleted?

  • Data persistence

  • Data transience

  • Data impermanence

  • Data volatility

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