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Free tier is limited to 20 questions and limited Performance-based Questions (PBQs) .
Crucial Exams is an official CompTIA Authorized Partner
Crucial Exams is an official CompTIA Authorized Partner

Created by experts

All of our content is created by industry experts and reviewed for accuracy.

Realistic Practice Tests

Our free practice tests and questions prepare you for the real exam with realistic questions written like a true certification exam.

Track your progress

Customizable report cards track your improvement over time.

Study Mode

Each question one by one with score tracking over time.

Test Mode

Simulate the real exam with test mode! Configure how many questions, which objectives, time limits and more!

Detailed Answers

All practice questions and tests include detailed explanations to ensure you are learning.


Memorize acronyms and key terms with our Flashcards.

Performance-Based Questions

Performance-Based Questions (PBQs) modeled after the real exam.

Report Cards

Track your improvement over time and identify weak areas with Report Cards.

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On-demand Report Cards

Report cards allow you to review your scores and how you've improved over time.

Identify your weak spots

Find your weak spots by exam objective so you know where to focus before the real exam.

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Domain 2

Live Report Card in Study Mode
Study Mode

A casual study experience with one question at a time at your own pace.

Configurable Test Mode

Make a quick pop quiz or simulate the real exam with our configurable practice tests.

Configure your own tests

Realistic Performance-based Questions
Realistic Labs & Performance-based Questions (PBQs)

Be ready for the toughest questions on the exams, with our realistic and interactive Performance-based Questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us.

Are the study materials on Crucial Exams up-to-date?

Yes, Crucial Exams ensures that their study materials are regularly updated to reflect the latest exam objectives and industry standards.

Can I use Crucial Exams on multiple devices?

Yes! You can use our iOS, Android, and web platforms. Premium Memberships transfer, provided you log in using the same account and login provider (Google, Apple, etc.).

Do I need to pay for each exam or cert?

No! A Premium Membership (both lifetime and subscription) gets you full access to all content.

Do I need to pay or repurchase future content?

Nope! When we publish it, it is available to everyone.

Do you have training videos or courses?

No. Crucial Exams provides a test-prep platform but does not provide learning content like videos, books, or courses.

How can I get support if I encounter issues with Crucial Exams?

Use the link above or below for our Contact Page and fill out the form.

How can I stay updated on new features or resources added to Crucial Exams?

You can stay updated by following Crucial Exams on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, or by regularly checking their website for announcements and updates.

I did not receive my voucher

Vouchers and other digital items bought in our store can take up to 24 hours to be delivered. Vouchers/codes will also be visible here on when delivered.

Be sure to check your spam folder!

What is Crucial Exams?

Crucial Exams is an online platform offering study materials, practice tests, flashcards, and interactive Performance-Based Questions (PBQs) for various IT certification exams, including CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+. It aims to help users prepare effectively for their certification exams.

Who writes the content and study materials?

It varies, but everyone who writes content for Crucial is vetted as an industry expert and all content is reviewed regularly.