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Free CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003 Practice Test

Prepare for the CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003 exam with our free practice test. Randomly generated and customizable, this test allows you to choose the number of questions.

  • Questions: 15
  • Time: 60 seconds per question (0 hours, 15 minutes, 0 seconds)
  • Included Objectives:
    • Deployment
    • Cloud Architecture and Design
    • Security
    • Operations and Support
    • Troubleshooting

An administrator receives an alert that a certificate used to secure communications between two cloud services has been revoked. What should be the administrator's first course of action?

  • Replace the revoked certificate with a valid one.

  • Disable the service using the revoked certificate until a new certificate is issued.

  • Revise the network security group rules to block connections to the service.

  • Update the permissions of the user accounts to prevent access to the service.

A company is deploying a web application in the cloud and expects variable traffic, with occasional spikes during certain events. To ensure the application remains responsive without incurring unnecessary costs during off-peak times, the cloud engineer has been asked to configure an auto-scaling service. What is the most effective scaling policy the engineer should implement to meet these requirements?

  • Target tracking scaling policy, configuring it to maintain a specific target for average CPU utilization.

  • Maintain a fixed number of instances at all times, regardless of traffic patterns.

  • Manual scaling policy, requiring an administrator to manually increase or decrease the number of instances as needed.

  • Schedule-based scaling policy, adding instances in anticipation of high traffic events known in advance.

A company is deploying a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). They require all users to authenticate using their existing on-premises Active Directory credentials. To facilitate this, which service should be implemented to ensure that users can log in to their cloud VDI sessions using the same credentials as their on-premises workstation?

  • Federation Services

  • Integration with a third-party Identity Provider (IdP)

  • Deployment of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate Services

  • Enabling a Multifactor Authentication solution

A cloud services company has noted significant performance variations in one of their client's resource usage pattern beyond the established normal operating parameters over the past week. Which of the following actions should the cloud operations team undertake FIRST to address these variations?

  • Check system logs to identify any unauthorized changes that could have been made to the resource configuration.

  • Recommend an upgrade to the infrastructure to accommodate the new levels of performance being experienced.

  • Establish or review the performance baseline for the affected resources in order to determine if the detected variations are outside of the expected range.

  • Modify the alert thresholds to reduce the number of performance variation incidents reported by the monitoring system.

A corporation is expanding its operations into cloud-based services. They require a dedicated storage solution that can support large-scale virtualization workloads with high availability and improved performance. Your task is to provide a recommendation that will align with their current needs. Which storage solution should you recommend?

  • Storage Area Network (SAN)

  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS) with redundant configurations

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • Object storage with high IOPS SSDs

A cloud administrator is setting up a disaster recovery strategy for a critical cloud-based application and database. The strategy requires that if system failures occur, the maximum data loss must not exceed 15 minutes of work. Which of the following backup methods would be MOST appropriate to meet this objective?

  • Full backup taken every 24 hours

  • Incremental backup taken every hour

  • Differential backup taken every two hours

  • Snapshot taken every 15 minutes

Which type of logging typically captures events about resource access and user authentication within a cloud environment?

  • Access/authentication

  • Application

  • System

When attempting to troubleshoot a cloud service issue, your initial theory based on user symptoms did not lead to a resolution. What should be your next step?

  • Replace all cloud service components as a precaution.

  • Immediately escalate to higher-level support.

  • Restart all systems involved without further analysis.

  • Conduct external or internal research based on symptoms.

A company is seeking to streamline its data center by deploying virtual servers that run directly on the host's hardware without the need for a host operating system. Which of the following virtualization solutions should the company utilize?

  • Type 1 hypervisor

  • Serverless computing

  • Type 2 hypervisor

  • VM templates

During the preparation phase of an incident response plan, a cloud services provider must ensure that roles are clearly defined and assigned to members of the security team. Which of the following roles is BEST suited for coordinating with external agencies, law enforcement, and other third parties in the event of a security breach?

  • Legal Counsel

  • Security Analyst

  • Public Relations Officer

  • Lead Investigator

  • Forensic Specialist

  • Incident Response Coordinator/Manager

A cloud administrator has received complaints from users about a performance slowdown in a virtualized application. Upon inspection, the administrator noticed that the application's virtual machine is consuming almost all of its allocated memory. After verifying that the application's workload hasn't changed significantly, what should the administrator investigate FIRST as a probable cause for the memory usage issue?

  • Misconfigured cache settings.

  • Insufficient physical memory on the host system.

  • Memory leaks within the application.

  • Inadequate swap space on the host system.

A company with a hybrid cloud environment requires the integration of their on-premises data center with their cloud infrastructure. The integration must be permanent, secure, and should maintain network policies across both environments. They want the solution to operate over the existing Internet connection. Which deployment is most suitable for these requirements?

  • Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT) between the on-premises and cloud networks

  • Utilizing an SSL VPN to connect the data center to the cloud service

  • Implementing a Site-to-Site VPN over the existing Internet connection

  • Setting up a Direct Connect (or similar) link between the on-premises and cloud environments

A cloud administrator has been alerted to an issue where a critical application becomes unresponsive at random intervals. Monitoring tools show that the instance hosting the application is reaching its maximum processing capacity sporadically. What is the BEST immediate action to improve the application's responsiveness?

  • Allocate additional processing power to the instance.

  • Reboot the instance to clear any temporary processing bottlenecks.

  • Modify the instance's security group configurations.

  • Initiate a comprehensive code review to optimize application performance.

A company is migrating their on-premise systems to a hybrid cloud model and requires a solution that allows them to manage user identities and permissions across their existing on-premise Active Directory and the new cloud services. Which identity management feature should they implement to achieve the most seamless integration?

  • Federated identity services

  • Multi-factor authentication for all users

  • On-premise synchronization without any cloud integration

  • Cloud-only identity services

What is the primary purpose of using the tracert or traceroute command in network troubleshooting?

  • To display the route and measure transit delays of packets across a network.

  • To configure the network interfaces on the host machine.

  • To change the routing table on the host machine.

  • To monitor real-time traffic on the network.

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