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Free AWS Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 Practice Test

Prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 exam with our free practice test. Randomly generated and customizable, this test allows you to choose the number of questions.

  • Questions: 15
  • Time: 15 minutes (60 seconds per question)
  • Included Objectives:
    • Cloud Technology and Services
    • Billing, Pricing, and Support
    • Security and Compliance
    • Cloud Concepts
Question 1 of 15

Which tool allows users to analyze and access graphical reports of their cloud expenditure and usage patterns over time?

  • Cost Explorer

  • Billing Conductor

  • Pricing Calculator

  • Budgets

Question 2 of 15

Amazon Route 53 can only route traffic for domains that are registered with AWS.

  • True

  • False

Question 3 of 15

Which service enables users to define and track their financial plan for usage and expenditure within the cloud infrastructure, providing alerts when costs exceed predefined thresholds?

  • AWS Budgets

  • AWS Billing Conductor

  • AWS Cost Explorer

  • AWS Price List Service

Question 4 of 15

Your company has deployed a web application on Amazon EC2 instances. As part of your security compliance checks, you want to ensure that the operating system patches are up to date. Whose responsibility is it to maintain the operating system in this scenario?

  • It is the customer's responsibility to maintain the operating system.

  • It is AWS's responsibility to maintain the operating system.

  • Both AWS and the customer are responsible for maintaining the operating system.

  • The responsibility varies and must be specified in a service level agreement (SLA).

Question 5 of 15

Which service provides seamless scalability for applications that require a non-relational database with low latency and high-performance capabilities?

  • Amazon DynamoDB

  • Amazon Redshift

  • Amazon Aurora

  • AWS Lambda

Question 6 of 15

Your company requires a multi-region deployment to provide disaster recovery and maintain high availability for a mission-critical application. Which of the following options best satisfies these requirements?

  • Deploying the application in one AWS Region and multiple AWS Local Zones

  • Deploying the application in multiple AWS Regions

  • Deploying the application across multiple Availability Zones within a single AWS Region

  • Using multiple AWS edge locations to serve the application content

Question 7 of 15

Which pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework primarily focuses on the ability to run systems to deliver business value and to continuously improve supporting processes and procedures?

  • Operational Excellence

  • Security

  • Performance Efficiency

  • Reliability

Question 8 of 15

A startup has launched an online service and the finance team wants to implement a mechanism to receive alerts when their cloud expenditures are about to exceed the set allocation for the coming quarter. Which tool is specifically designed to fulfill this requirement and provide notifications based on custom cost or usage thresholds?

  • Pricing Calculator

  • Billing Conductor

  • Budgets

  • Cost Explorer

Question 9 of 15

A healthcare company is considering migrating their on-premises data center to the AWS Cloud. Currently, their data center needs to be over-provisioned to handle occasional surges in demand, leading to underutilization during off-peak times. How can moving to the AWS Cloud help the company reduce costs?

  • Eliminate the need for over-provisioning by using elastic resources

  • Decrease in the total cost of ownership due to lower hardware maintenance fees

  • Reduction in software licensing costs due to the BYOL model

Question 10 of 15

Which service allows customers to access on-demand reports detailing compliance with various regulatory frameworks, as well as to manage agreements based on their specific industry requirements and geographic locations?

  • Amazon Inspector

  • AWS Artifact

  • AWS Trusted Advisor

  • Amazon Macie

Question 11 of 15

Which service offers the capability to deliver desktop applications to users' devices over the internet, negating the need for application modification for web compatibility?

  • Amazon AppStream

  • Elastic Load Balancing

  • Amazon WorkDocs

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances

Question 12 of 15

A corporation is seeking to transition its local database environment to a managed cloud service to benefit from automatic scaling and reduced management requirements. Which solution would best meet these needs?

  • Object storage adaptation for binary data

  • Instance-based database hosting with manual management

  • Database migration using a managed relational database service

  • Data warehouse transition for analytics

Question 13 of 15

Your company is deploying an application on AWS using Amazon EC2 instances. As part of the security compliance requirements, it's critical to ensure that operating system (OS) patches are regularly applied and that the server is protected against unauthorized access. Which of the following responsibilities fall under your company's purview according to the AWS shared responsibility model?

  • Virtualization infrastructure maintenance

  • Physical security of data center facilities where your instances are hosted

  • Environmental risk management for the hardware supporting your instances

  • Applying operating system patches to your instances

Question 14 of 15

A financial services company is launching a website on a leading cloud provider and is concerned about defending against typical internet threats, such as site scripting and database manipulation attacks. Which service should they implement to fortify their site against these specific attack vectors?

  • DDoS Protection Service

  • Automated Security Assessment Tool

  • Web Application Firewall

  • Threat Detection Service

Question 15 of 15

A marketing firm needs to process data in response to customer interactions on their website, which occur sporadically throughout the day. The data processing tasks vary in execution duration and do not follow a predictable schedule. Which compute solution is most SUITABLE for this scenario?

  • Containers management service with a microservices architecture

  • Management service for batch processing workloads

  • Serverless function execution service

  • Provisioning virtual servers with an elasticity service