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Home WLAN Network Configuration

You are at your sweet old granny's house setting up a new wireless network. She has recently had some legal issues as her old wireless router was unprotected and someone was using it to download illegally pirated movies. Fearing she may go to prison, you need to get the new Wifi network and router as secure as possible. Use the router's configuration interface to the side of these instructions to give her the most secure options available.


  • Wifi enabled with the best possible security
  • Wifi passphrase MyGr4ndm4is1337
  • Password required to login to the router (Password123)
  • Only her smartphone should be allowed on the network (28-ED-57-FD-A0-FE)
  • SSID should be Stop Downloading Illegal Movies and visible to devices
  • Channel should be chosen by the router and not manually set
Wireless Settings
Router Security
Network Security