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Free AWS Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 Practice Question

A software development company is optimizing their new e-commerce platform to enhance user experience through improved load times and responsiveness. In aligning with industry standards for cloud architecture, which of the following would be a primary consideration unique to enhancing 'Performance Efficiency' versus other architectural concerns?

  • Ensuring services have fault-tolerant designs to withstand component failures without impacting users.

  • Adopting a microservices architecture to streamline updates and maintenance activities.

  • Utilizing spot instances and reserved instances strategically to balance load and reduce expenditures.

  • Implementing an automated scaling solution to adjust resource allocation in line with current traffic.

  • Redeploying services in data centers that are in closer proximity to the majority of users to decrease response times.

  • Identifying underutilized resources through monitoring tools and scaling them down to eliminate waste.

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