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A business is exploring options to enhance its IT infrastructure to support rapid deployment of compute resources around the world and to increase the uptime of their web services for an international customer base. Which aspect of a leading cloud service provider's offering would align with the company's goal?

  • Exclusive discounts on hardware procurement from the provider can allow the business to purchase more servers and potentially increase global footprint, but this does not assure swift resource provisioning nor does it ensure high availability.

  • The cost-effective, long-term storage solutions offered by the provider enable businesses to archive data globally at a minimal expense, which does not specifically address deployment speed or availability.

  • The provider's expansive global infrastructure facilitates quick provisioning of resources and supports high availability through redundancy across regions.

  • The provider's unique satellite-based network service is specifically designed to cater to regions with limited access, but does not inherently provide faster resource deployment or guarantee high service uptime.

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