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Free AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 Practice Question

An emergent FinTech startup is developing a mobile banking application which anticipates sporadic and significant usage peaks, primarily during monthly payroll periods. They need to implement a feature that processes various customer transactions and runs complex computations on demand. The startup aims to maintain infrastructure management to a minimum while ensuring costs remain aligned with their actual consumption levels. Which option is the MOST suitable for the dynamic transaction processing component of their application?

  • Implement a server fleet using Amazon EC2 with Scheduled Scaling to handle expected peak periods based on predictable payroll cycles.

  • Deploy the computational logic to a managed Kubernetes service using Amazon EKS, leveraging Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler to scale based on demand.

  • Utilize AWS Lambda functions triggered by the application, ensuring on-demand scaling and billing for compute time without server management.

  • Use AWS Batch to manage transaction processing jobs, taking advantage of its ability to efficiently run batch computing workloads across a full EC2 instance fleet.

  • Configure an Amazon SQS queue to decouple incoming transactions and process them using an Auto Scaling group of EC2 instances based on queue length.

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