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Free CompTIA PenTest+ PT0-002 Practice Question

While performing a security assessment for a company's wireless network, you notice an unverified access point with a network name mimicking that of the organization's officially used names for Wi-Fi connections. What technique would be most effective in confirming whether this access point is unauthorized and set up with malicious intent?

  • Review the list of devices connected to the sanctioned network points to see if the dubious device is listed as a client.

  • Intercept and scrutinize the data packets from the network point in question for inconsistencies with the organization's wireless security protocols.

  • Change the network names used by the organization's official Wi-Fi to determine if the questionable access point adapts its broadcasted name in response.

  • Interview staff members to verify whether they recognize or have connected to this network point to collect data on its authenticity.

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