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Free CompTIA PenTest+ PT0-002 Practice Question

During a wireless penetration test, you notice that a significant amount of data traffic is directed to a particular wireless access point. Upon further inspection, you discover that this access point is operating with a signal stronger than the company's legitimate access points and is not listed in the company's network documentation. What type of attack could be occurring and what would be your next step as a pentester to confirm the nature of this access point?

  • This could be a signal jamming attack; use a spectrum analyzer to identify interference.

  • It might indicate a VLAN hopping attack; inspect the VLAN configurations on the switches.

  • It could be an AP misconfiguration; inspect IP address assignments within the network.

  • It suggests an 'Evil Twin' attack; capture the handshake and compare it to legitimate access points.

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Attacks and Exploits
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