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Free CompTIA PenTest+ PT0-002 Practice Question

During a penetration testing engagement, you are reviewing server log files and observe a high number of login attempts from foreign IP addresses, frequent access requests for unusual files, and command history that includes reconnaissance tools not used by any team member. These observations are critical to communicate because they could suggest what?

  • A scheduled backup of server files is in progress.

  • Team members are likely conducting stress tests on the server.

  • Routine maintenance is being performed by the IT department.

  • The system may have been previously compromised.

  • The system's firewall is automatically blocking potential threats effectively.

  • The intrusion detection system is functioning with high accuracy.

This question is for objective:
Reporting and Communication
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Reporting and Communication
Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning
Attacks and Exploits
Tools and Code Analysis
Planning and Scoping