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Free CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003 Practice Question

A company is expanding its cloud infrastructure to support a new remote office location. To ensure that resources in this new location can securely communicate with the main data center, the cloud engineer has been tasked to configure the networking in such a way that it mimics a traditional network topology within the cloud. What is the MOST appropriate solution to meet this requirement?

  • Utilize public IP addresses exclusively for all instances in the cloud to ensure the new remote office can access the resources without additional configuration.

  • Configure a direct peering connection between the cloud provider's default network and the company's on-premises network to establish communication with the remote office.

  • Install dedicated physical routers at the remote office location to handle the traffic between the cloud and the main data center.

  • Deploy a VPC with defined subnets, route tables, and a virtual private gateway to enable secure communication between the remote office and the main data center.

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