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Free CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003 Practice Question

A company has been experiencing difficulties with an application hosted in the cloud when attempting to interact with an on-site database server. While this application works well within the cloud environment and can interact with other on-premises resources, access to this particular database server has failed. The infrastructure includes a secure connection to bridge the cloud and in-house resources. Other applications that are NOT hosted in the cloud environment are able to use this database without issue. What could be the primary cause of this application's connectivity problem?

  • A misconfigured static route is present in the routing table that directs traffic intended for the database server to an incorrect destination.

  • Application's firewall settings are blocking all in-house data transfer, causing a lack of connectivity with the database server.

  • The database server's network adapter is malfunctioning, leading to a failure in communication with the cloud-hosted application.

  • The encrypted connection mechanism used to integrate cloud and in-house resources is malfunctioning, disrupting all in-house traffic.

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