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IP Addressing Flashcards

Private Class B Range172.16.0.0 to
UnicastDelivered to one interface or node
IPv4 Class C Range192.0.0.0 to
NATNetwork Address Translation. Translates IP Addresses between different networks. Typically between a public and private network
BroadcastDelivered to any interface or node in the same LAN. IPv4 only.
IPv4 Class A Range1.0.0.0 to
IPInternet Protocol
Private Class A Range10.0.0.0 to
APIPA Range169.254.0.0-
IPv6 Site-LocalIPv6 version of Private Addressing. Only usable within a single organization or site. Not usable on Internet. (fc00::/7)
MulticastDelivered to a group of interfaces or nodes.
AnycastDelivered to the nearest interface
IPv6Internet Protocol version 6; 128 Bits
Private Class C Range192.168.0.0 to
IPv4Internet Protocol version 4; 32 Bits
IPv4 Class B Range128.0.0.0 to
Public IP AddressUsable on both private and public networks. Can be routed through the Internet, as long as the IP Address is unique
IPv6 Link-LocalIPv6 version of APIPA. Automatically configured, and only usable on local segment. (fe80::/64)
IPv6 GlobalIPv6 version of public addresses. Must be unique and are usable on the Internet.
IPv4 Loop-back Address127.0.0.1
Private IP AddressUsable only on private networks. Can not be routed through the Internet