IP Addressing Flashcards

Private Class C Range192.168.0.0 to
IPv4 Loop-back Address127.0.0.1
Public IP AddressUsable on both private and public networks. Can be routed through the Internet, as long as the IP Address is unique
AnycastDelivered to the nearest interface
IPv4 Class A Range1.0.0.0 to
IPv6 Site-LocalIPv6 version of Private Addressing. Only usable within a single organization or site. Not usable on Internet. (fc00::/7)
IPv6 GlobalIPv6 version of public addresses. Must be unique and are usable on the Internet.
Private Class B Range172.16.0.0 to
IPv6Internet Protocol version 6; 128 Bits
IPv4 Class C Range192.0.0.0 to
IPInternet Protocol
NATNetwork Address Translation. Translates IP Addresses between different networks. Typically between a public and private network
Private IP AddressUsable only on private networks. Can not be routed through the Internet
UnicastDelivered to one interface or node
Private Class A Range10.0.0.0 to
APIPA Range169.254.0.0-
IPv6 Link-LocalIPv6 version of APIPA. Automatically configured, and only usable on local segment. (fe80::/64)
IPv4Internet Protocol version 4; 32 Bits
IPv4 Class B Range128.0.0.0 to
BroadcastDelivered to any interface or node in the same LAN. IPv4 only.
MulticastDelivered to a group of interfaces or nodes.