CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 (Practice Test)

CompTIA+ Security+ is a vendor neutral IT industry certification for security. It is an entry level certificate for the subject of IT security and is recommended to be the first security focused certificate an IT professional should learn. Security+ will establish core knowledge that would be required for any cyber-security role by covering essential skills in the areas of Threats, Attacks & Vulnerabilities, Technologies & Tools, Architecture & Design, Identity & Access Management, Risk Management & Cryptography and PKI.

  • Questions: 20
  • Time: 60 seconds per question (0 hours, 20 minutes, 0 seconds)
  • Included Objectives:
    • Architecture and Design
    • Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities
    • Technologies and Tools
    • Identity and Access Management
    • Risk Management
    • Cryptography and PKI

You are observing an outage of your employers website. While investigating the cause of the outage you learn that there is a large-scale DDOS attack that has caused network outages for large percentages of the internet. The attack is targeting key infrastructure of major web service providers. According to news sources the attackers are sending huge numbers of requests to open DNS servers with spoofed IP addresses. The responses from the DNS servers are sent to the spoofed IP addresses which have resulted in network outages due to overwhelmed infrastructure. What type of attack is being conducted?

  • DNS amplification
  • Domain hijacking
  • DNS jamming
  • DNS poisoning

You have joined a new enterprise as a member of the IT Security team. During on boarding you receive two computers, one with access to highly confidential systems and one with access to less critical data and the internet. You cannot send data or documents from one network to the other and have to manage separate credentials for each. What concept best defines this approach?

  • Data aggregated network segmentation (DANS)
  • VPN
  • Air gap
  • Physical de-segmentation

A string of text is converted to a numeric value that uniquely identifies the original text. With only the numeric value it is impossible to reproduce the original text value. Which term correctly identifies this numeric value?

  • Cipher value
  • Encrypted value
  • Plain value
  • Hash value

You work as a freelance security consultant. You are now working for a large government and have been contracted to create a stand-alone system that should attract malicious activity. The system should mimic an existing productive system but with fake non-sensitive data. The activity in this new system should be recorded so security analysts can review and identify patterns in the malicious activity. What best defines this type of system?

  • DDoS Mitigator
  • Ad hoc target
  • DMZ
  • Honeynet

Which of the following options is the most costly form of disaster recovery options?

  • Walkthrough
  • Archive review
  • Full-scale
  • Tabletop exercise

Which of the following options is a functionality or tool that disallows access to a wireless network based on the layer 2 address of the client device?

  • MAC address filtering
  • WPA2
  • Split tunnel VPN
  • ACL

A lazy programmer at a startup was recently fired for sleeping at their cubicle. Angry about being fired and wanting revenge, the programmer accessed the admin panel the startups website using a method they previously programmed into the application before being fired. With access to the admin panel the former employee was able to delete user account from the database which caused a lot of issues for the company. Which of the following options best describes the methodology of the attack?

  • Ransomware
  • SQL injection
  • Rootkit
  • Backdoor

Which of the following options is a protocol used to check if a certificate has been revoked?

  • OCSP
  • MD5
  • CSR
  • PKI

You work for a large national realty company in the networking department. Recently your department received a help desk call from a smaller satellite office stating their WiFi is no longer working. The trouble ticket was escalated to you because company policy does not allow wireless networks. After further investigation you learn that an employee in the office setup a simple wireless router themselves. Which option best defines this situation?

  • Rogue AP
  • Unauthorized twin
  • Evil twin
  • Disassociation

What option would create a new ACL entry that would deny any port 80 HTTP traffic?

  • deny all any server web
  • deny tcp any server tcp 80
  • allow tcp any server tcp 80
  • allow all but tcp 443

A large chemical company will soon be legally required to offer phone support for customers to contact in the event of a chemical spill or other similar issue. The new law requires the company be available 24/7, 365 days a year or large fines will be levied against the company. You have been contracted to ensure a power outage does not prevent the help desk from being available to callers. You have been given the requirement that all electronic equipment (desktops, servers, network equipment, phones, etc.) must operate for up to 24 hours without interruption during a power outage. Which of the following options would best meet requirement?

  • Line-Interactive UPS
  • Generator
  • Emergency power supply
  • Online UPS

What type of certificate can be used for a list of explicitly given domains, IP addresses or sub domains?

  • Code signed
  • Wildcard
  • SAN
  • Self signed

You have ordered a penetration test on the companies website from a 3rd party IT Security consultant. Your web administration team has created a stand-alone test network to ensure the penetration tests do not cause issues on the live website. Other than the IP address of the web server you have not provided the penetration testers with any information. What type of test best describes this scenario?

  • Black box
  • Integration
  • Stand alone
  • White box

You are responsible for network security within your employer's network architecture team. Your team is implementing a new network that can allow unauthenticated WiFi users access to the internet without allowing them access to any internal systems. What type of WiFi network is this?

  • Guest
  • NAT
  • Extranet
  • DMZ

You are responsible for application security for a small startup. You are responsible for conducting regular penetration tests. Recently the startup has faced some budget issues and lacks the funds to create a stand alone system to be used for vulnerability scanning applications. Due to this constraint you must conduct vulnerability scans on the live system (the same one being used by customers). What type of scan should be used to ensure vulnerabilities are found but not executed?

  • non-credentialed
  • non-intrusive
  • credentialed
  • intrusive

What improvements does a VLAN offer for network security?

  • Provides layer 4 filtering (TCP/UDP)
  • Allows for session dropping in the event of an anomaly detection
  • Logically separates network segments
  • Physically restricts unauthorized devices from network access

A new company policy requires hardware encryption for certain highly confidential systems. These existing systems do not already have a hardware component that can provide this functionality. What is the easiest way to implement this new policy?

  • Hardware Security Module
  • PKI
  • Trusted Platform Module

Your employer has several thousand internal users all who need to access the internet on a daily basis to complete their work. What technology should be used to mask the internal IP addresses of these users and allow access to the internet through shared public IP addresses?

  • DNS
  • DMZ
  • NAT
  • Router

You are a member of the security team in the IT Infrastructure department at a manufacturer. You have received a ticket from the network architecture team who have requested your approval of a proposed network change. The change is to replace a network device that allows internal servers to make requests to the internet without external systems being able to determine what internal server made the original request. What type of system is being changed?

  • Router
  • Proxy
  • Firewall
  • Switch

During routine security checks you discover that a wireless access point is setup on the outside of your employer's office building. The access point has the same SSID as the internal WiFi network but is unsecured to allow anyone access. What type of attack have you discovered?

  • Evil twin
  • SSID reduplication attack
  • W-DNS Spoofing
  • Jamming