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Free CompTIA Network+ N10-008 Practice Test

Prepare for the CompTIA Network+ N10-008 exam with our free practice test. Randomly generated and customizable, this test allows you to choose the number of questions.

  • Questions: 15
  • Time: 60 seconds per question (0 hours, 15 minutes, 0 seconds)
  • Included Objectives:
    • Network Security
    • Networking Fundamentals
    • Network Implementations
    • Network Operations
    • Network Troubleshooting

What is the dedicated high-speed network that connects and presents shared pools of storage devices to multiple servers known as?

  • LAN

  • SAN

  • VPN

  • MAN

A hybrid routing protocol combines the characteristics of both link state and distance vector protocols.

  • False

  • True

NTP requires bidirectional communication on both TCP and UDP port 123 to synchronize time across devices.

  • This statement is correct.

  • This statement is incorrect.

A network engineer is tasked with implementing a cost-effective solution for connecting multiple sites that are geographically dispersed. The solution needs to provide a segregated wavelength for each site's data to minimize the crosstalk and maximize bandwidth. They decide to use an optical transmission technique that leverages different wavelengths of light for each signal. Which multiplexing technique should the engineer consider for this scenario?

  • Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)

  • Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM)

  • Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)

  • Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM)

Which malicious attack or exploit involves spoofing OSI layer 2 addressing?

  • DDOS attack

  • ARP poisoning

  • Bluejacking

  • DNS poisoning

It is important for employees to have a clear understanding of what they can/cannot do on the company network and/or with company resources. What type of policy best accomplishes this?

  • Password policy

  • Remote access policy

  • AUP

  • BYOD policy

Rachael, a network administrator, has disabled STP on the local network. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of a recent spike in duplicate traffic?

  • Mismatch MTU

  • Switching loop

  • Incorrect subnet mask

  • VLAN mismatch

A network administrator is monitoring the health of a server that hosts critical applications. The administrator notices that the temperature of the server's chassis has been gradually rising throughout the day and is now in the upper threshold of the operational limits. What should be the administrator's initial course of action to prevent potential system failure due to overheating?

  • Apply additional thermal paste to the heatsink to better facilitate efficient transfer of heat.

  • Perform a firmware upgrade on all network devices to optimize performance.

  • Immediately reduce the server load by shutting down non-essential applications.

  • Inspect the server's cooling system for issues such as failed fans or blocked air vents.

  • Increase the threshold limit in the server's monitoring system to avert alerts.

You are configuring a new wireless access point in an office where there are already existing Wi-Fi networks using WPA2. Employees report they can see the Wi-Fi network but are unable to connect. You have verified that the correct SSID and passphrase are being used. What configuration aspect should you check to ensure connectivity?

  • The DHCP server is exhausted

  • Mismatched encryption protocols between the access point and client devices

  • The access point is using an invalid protocol

  • Access point is configured for the wrong country code

What would the default subnet mask for the IP be?





A company's network administrator is configuring a new network segment for the HR department to enhance security and monitoring capabilities. They want to implement a device that has the ability to not only detect network threats but also take immediate action to prevent potential breaches. Which of the following devices should be deployed within this network segment?

  • IPS

  • IDS

  • Proxy server

  • QoS device

In the OSI model layer 4 is known as:

  • Session

  • Transport

  • Physical

  • Application

After executing the ipconfig /all command in a command prompt, the output showed the following details:

IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :

From this information, which class does the IP address belong to?

  • Class C

  • Class E

  • Class D

  • Class B

  • Class A

Which social engineering technique involves an attacker gaining access to a controlled area by using someone else's credentials with that person's permission?

  • Spear phishing

  • Tailgating

  • Baiting

  • Piggybacking

A company has installed a new state-of-the-art motion detection system within their high-security data center. Despite being calibrated during installation, the system persistently generates alerts during certain times of the evening, though subsequent investigations confirm the absence of unauthorized personnel or movement. Which of the following factors should the security administrator investigate FIRST as a probable cause for these false alerts?

  • Fluctuations in the data center's temperature resulting from the HVAC systems cycling on and off

  • The growth and slight movements of large office plants placed near the sensors

  • Adjustments in the lighting schedule causing changes in shadow patterns

  • Slight movements of the false ceilings due to their lightweight material and design

Remaining Time 00:15:00