CompTIA A+ 220-1101 (Practice Test)

The CompTIA A+ certification is for IT professionals that can support modern technologies like security, cloud, data management and more. CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for starting a career in the Information Technology sector. The 220-1101 exam is the first in the CompTIA A+ 1100 series (followed by 220-1102). CompTIA A+ 220-1101 covers mobile devices, networking technology, hardware, virtualization and cloud computing.

  • Questions: 20
  • Time: 60 seconds per question (0 hours, 20 minutes, 0 seconds)
  • Included Objectives:
    • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
    • Mobile Devices
    • Networking
    • Hardware
    • Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

True or False: A benefit of using a cloud backup service is that data from a mobile device can be easily recovered if a mobile device is lost or stolen.

  • True
  • False

What is the maximum transmission speed of Cat 6a cabling at 100 meters?

  • 1 Tbps
  • 10 Mbps
  • 10 Gbps
  • 100,000 Mbps

You are trying to use RDP to control a Windows computer from your office to an accountant's computer in the corporate office building. What port should be opened in the firewalls between the two locations?

  • 3389
  • 21
  • 22
  • 143

A user receives the following message when they log in "Windows has detected an IP address conflict". What is MOST LIKELY the issue?

  • The workstation has a static IP address
  • The workstation has changed Wireless Access Points (WAP)
  • Duplicate DNS assignment
  • The user is logged in on another workstation

Which cloud computing acronym best describes a solution that replaces hardware, infrastructure and software used for creating, testing and deploying applications and services?

  • SaaS
  • LaaS
  • PaaS
  • IaaS
  • DaaS
  • SECaaS

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using Cloud Infrastructure?

  • Pay-as-you-go model requires a lower upfront investment for large amounts of infrastructure
  • Cloud Providers offer simple to use versions of complex technology that usually requires specialized technicians
  • The Cloud Provider will handle security on your behalf
  • Cloud Infrastructure provides elasticity and rapid scalability based on demand

Why would you use plenum rated cables when installing new cabling in a data-center?

  • Reduction in hazardous fumes in the event of a fire
  • Allows cabling to be easily bent without snapping
  • Efficiently reduces EMI and cross talk in STP cabling
  • Ensures an intruder cannot wire tap your cabling

Which of the following allows devices to operate without requiring a separate power source?

  • VPN
  • PoE
  • QoS
  • WPA

What is a drawback of using integrated graphics?

  • Slower performance
  • Integrated graphics generate more heat
  • Dedicated graphics may require additional power
  • Hyper-threading is not possible

Which of the following device types would have a feature for permitting or blocking TCP and UDP traffic on a particular port?

  • WAP
  • Firewall
  • Switch
  • Hub

What is the second step of the CompTIA troubleshooting methodology?

  • Establish a theory of probable cause
  • Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution
  • Identify the problem
  • Test the theory to determine the cause
  • Verify full system functionality, and, if applicable, implement preventive measures
  • Document findings, actions and outcomes

You are the only IT employee for a small startup. You need to provide email address to all employees at the startup as soon as possible and with minimal effort. What type of cloud model is best suited to this situation?

  • DaaS
  • IaaS
  • SaaS
  • PaaS

A user reports that their printouts contain a shadow of the previous image. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

  • Separation pads
  • Fuser assembly
  • Pickup assembly
  • Corona wire

Which type of Ethernet cable can be used for connecting two PCs without the use of a router?

  • Rollover cable
  • Crossover cable
  • RJ-11
  • RJ-45

While interviewing for an IT position at a large enterprise you are asked if you are familiar with VDI environments. What technology is the interviewing referencing?

  • A technology for hosting virtual servers, such as VMWare and VirtualBox
  • Monitoring and alerting platform for observing virtual disks
  • A solution for accessing a remote desktop over a client
  • A cloud update technology for security patching

Which of the following will be the first to receive heat leaving a processor?

  • Heat Sink
  • Case Fan
  • CPU Fan
  • Thermal paste

Which of the following is a network protocol used to download emails onto a mobile phone?

  • SMTP
  • YahooMail
  • POP3
  • IMEI

Choose the option that is NOT hot swap-able:

  • SATA
  • VGA
  • PATA
  • USB

You are setting up a new workstation and decided to use a twisted-pair copper cable to connect the PC to your switch. Which connector would best suit your needs?

  • RG-6
  • RJ-45
  • RJ-11
  • ST

An employee has contacted the End User Support Help Desk where you work and is complaining they are unable to view an image sent to them by a 3rd party partner. Instead of the image they see a black square with a small icon in the corner where the image should be. The user reports that her boss sent an email with an image which displayed correctly. What is most likely causing this issue?

  • The image was not encrypted using SMTPS or IMAPS so the client is refusing to display it
  • The image is an HTTP or HTTPS image and the email client is not configured to use the company's HTTPS reverse proxy
  • The company Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) has blocked the image's URL
  • Security settings in the email client
  • Antivirus has flagged the image