CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (Practice Test)

The CompTIA A+ certification is for IT professionals that can support modern technologies like security, cloud, data management and more. CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for starting a career in the Information Technology sector. The 220-1001 exam is the first in the CompTIA A+ 1000 series (followed by 220-1002). The 220-1001 exam will cover the following objectives: Mobile Devices, Networking, Hardware, Virtualization & Cloud Computing, and Hardware & Network Troubleshooting.

  • Questions: 20
  • Time: 60 seconds per question (0 hours, 20 minutes, 0 seconds)
  • Included Objectives:
    • Mobile Devices
    • Networking
    • Hardware
    • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
    • Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

Which of the following options is a benefit of a multi-core processor?

  • Multiple CPU cores provides higher clock speeds
  • Multiple threads can be handled simultaneously
  • Multiple cores allow more than one OS to be run virtually
  • None of these are correct benefits of multi-core processors

You are an IT Analyst for a large chain of stores. Your department has been asked to evaluate accepting payments through wireless transmission from mobile devices. Which standard technology are they referring to?

  • Bluetooth
  • IR
  • NFC
  • WiFi

Which of the following network topologies provides the most redundancy to protect against network outages?

  • Ring
  • Mesh
  • Bus
  • Star

One of your users travels often for work, utilizing their laptop as their main device. When in the office they desire more full functionality such as using additional monitors, a full-sized keyboard and a conventional mouse. Which of the following would best allow the user to have these things?

  • Cords to plug these devices into the laptop.
  • A docking station.
  • A separate Desktop PC for in-office use.
  • A larger laptop.

You are a Desktop and Laptop Technician for a small computer repair shop. A customer on a limited budget has asked you to upgrade their laptop in order to increase performance. Which of the following components can be easily replaced or upgraded?

  • Processor
  • Motherboard
  • Video Card
  • RAM

Which of the following is a network protocol used to download emails onto a mobile phone?

  • IMEI
  • POP3
  • SMTP
  • YahooMail

Which of the following tools can verify an Ethernet cable's wires are in the correct order?

  • Amplimeter
  • Wattage plug
  • Cable tester
  • Loopback plug

Of the following connectors, which is the most common connector type used for a PCs power supply and other hardware components located inside the computer case?

  • USB
  • BNC
  • RJ-45
  • Molex

You are helping a friend build a new gaming PC. To save on costs they have opted to buy a new motherboard but keep their existing DDR2 memory from their previous PC. After having some trouble getting the memory to fit into the motherboard you check the motherboard manufacturer's documentation and find they recommend their own DDR3 memory. How should you proceed?

  • Enable the DDR downgrade feature using a jumper on the motherboard's pins
  • Purchase DDR3 memory from any manufacturer
  • Buy the recommended memory from the same manufacturer as the motherboard
  • Purchase a DDR2 to DDR3 slot adapter

You are a desktop technician for a small office. You suspect that a user has opened their desktop PC case and made unauthorized changes to the device's hardware. Which of the following can be configured to identify this in the future?

  • Chassis Intrusion Detection
  • None of the above
  • Host Intrusion Prevention
  • Host Intrusion Detection

What type of device most commonly uses a static IP address?

  • Thin clients
  • Servers
  • User workstations
  • Any device that supports using CIDR addressing

Which type of cabling is immune to electromagnetic interference?

  • Fiber
  • UTP
  • USB
  • STP

Which of the terms listed below refers to a situation where a single Central Processing Unit (CPU) appears as two virtual CPUs to the operating system?

  • Multitasking
  • Dual CPU Motherboard
  • Asynchronous IO
  • Hyper-threading

What of the following is a true statement regarding M.2 drives?

  • M.2 drives have a higher Rotations Per Minute (RPM) than SATA based drives
  • M.2 drives can read CD, DVD and Blu-ray disks
  • M.2 drives connect directly to the motherboard
  • M.2 drives use a 3 pin SATA cable

A PC you are working on fails to boot it's OS. The OS is installed, but the PC cannot seem to access it. Your first course of action should be to:

  • Re-install the OS
  • Replace the hard drive as it has likely failed
  • Upgrade the BIOS
  • Make sure the drive the OS is installed on is the primary boot device

Which of the following options can be used as a storage device to boot an operating system?

  • HDMI
  • USB Drive
  • DDR2

Which of the following cabling types has fire-retardant properties?

  • Fiber
  • Plenum
  • Category 6f
  • None of these answers

You are setting up a new workstation and decided to use a twisted-pair copper cable to connect the PC to your switch. Which connector would best suit your needs?

  • RJ-11
  • RG-6
  • ST
  • RJ-45

You are using the SMB protocol to share files and printers on a Windows network. Which of the following ports is used by the SMB protocol?

  • 21
  • 445
  • 22
  • 443

You work for a small enterprise with 3 on-premise servers and a shared private network. You are able to connect a new laptop to the wireless network but it has it has no network or internet connectivity. The servers on the same network are working as expected. You know these servers have static IPs. Based on this info, where should you start looking FIRST?

  • Check DHCP is working correctly
  • Try connecting to 5Ghz instead of 2.4Ghz
  • Disable the firewall between the WiFi and VLAN networks
  • Check for WiFi interference