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An administrator wants to monitor disk usage by individual users on a shared system and has decided to utilize the output from the 'du' command. The command 'du -s /home/*' produces a list of directories and their sizes within the /home directory, which is then redirected to 'awk' for further processing. The administrator is interested in directories that consume more than 1GB of disk space. Which 'awk' command should the administrator use to extract and print the usernames (the directory names within /home) and their corresponding disk space usage in gigabytes, but only for those users utilizing more than 1GB?

  • du -s /home/* | awk '{ print $3 ":" $1/1048576 "GB" }'

  • du -s /home/* | awk '{ print substr($2,7) ":" $1 "KB" }'

  • du -s /home/* | awk '$1 > 1048576 { print substr($2,7) ":" $1/1048576 "GB" }'

  • du -s /home/* | awk '{ if $1 > 1048576 print substr($2,7) ":" $1/1048576 "GB" }'

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