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An online video streaming service is being developed with a focus on high availability and the ability to scale quickly during peak viewing times. The service should efficiently handle user authentication and maintain session information for millions of concurrent streams. To facilitate rapid scaling and resilience, how should the session management component of the video streaming service be architected?

  • Design the service to store session information in client-side cookies or local storage, with servers only processing the stream data, thus relying on the client to maintain its own state.

  • It should be a stateless component that stores session data in a centralized in-memory data store suitable for high concurrency, allowing any instance to handle user authentication and session information.

  • Implement the service with a user session affinity strategy to direct requests to specific server instances that handle the sessions, ensuring that each user remains connected to the same server instance.

  • Make the service a stateful component that stores session data locally on the server, ensuring data persistence and direct user-to-server connection for the duration of the session.

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