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A company is deploying a web application that consists of a web tier serving static content, an application tier for dynamic processing, and a database tier for data persistence. The application needs to handle unpredictable traffic and maintain high availability. Which of the following architectural designs is MOST suitable for meeting these requirements?

  • Use Amazon S3 to serve static content, Auto Scaling groups for the application tier, and Amazon RDS with Multi-AZ deployment for data persistence.

  • Utilize Amazon CloudFront for the web tier, AWS Lambda for the application tier, and Amazon DynamoDB for the database tier to ensure serverless scalability.

  • Use Amazon EC2 with Elastic Load Balancing for all tiers, and handle data persistence by replicating data between multiple EC2 instances in different regions.

  • Deploy a single Amazon EC2 instance in each tier including the web, application, and database tiers for simpler manageability and cost savings.

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