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Free CompTIA A+ 220-1102 Practice Question

A user within the organization is consistently receiving data-usage limit notifications on their mobile device towards the end of each billing cycle. The IT policy enforces restrictions on streaming media and large downloads over cellular data. The employee confirms adherence to these policies and there have been no new applications installed. What is the MOST likely reason for these notifications and what should the technician investigate FIRST?

  • Conduct a thorough malware scan, suspecting a malware infection is the cause of increased data usage.

  • Investigate detailed cellular data usage in the device settings to identify which applications or services are using the most data.

  • Enforce a stricter data plan for the user's device to prevent them from exceeding the organizational data-usage limit.

  • Perform an immediate update of all applications on the device, assuming that outdated apps are causing the excess data usage.

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Software Troubleshooting
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