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CompTIA Security+ Protocols Flashcards

SSHSecure Shell; Port 22
TLSTransport Layer Security; Encryption protocol that replaced SSL; Commonly used by HTTPS on port 443
IPSEC (Tunnel)IPSEC in tunnel mode encrypts entire packet
PPPPoint to Point Protocol; Establishes layer 2 connection between two network devices
IPSECInternet Protocol Security; Tunneling Protocol that encrypts IP
NATNetwork Address Translation. Translates IP addresses accross two different networks. Typically between a private and public IP network.
RDPRemote Desktop Protocol; Port 3389
HTTPHTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol; Port 80
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol; Port 25
DNSDomain Name Server/Service; Port 53
TelnetUnencrypted; Port 23
IPv4Internet Protocol version 4; 32 bits; Dotted Decimal Format
IPv6Internet Protocol version 6; 128 bits; Hexadecimal Format
TACACS+Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus; Port 49
SFTPFile Transfer Protocol + SSH
SNMPSimple Network management Protocol; Port 161
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol; Port 143
HTTPSHTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol + Secure Socket Layer; Port 443
TFTPTrivial FTP; Port 69
FTPSFile Transfer Protocol + SSL
IPSEC (Transport)IPSEC in transport mode only encrypts data
PATPort Address Translation (Aka NAT Overload); 1 to many NAT translation; Uses layer 4 ports to organize connections.
FTPFile Transfer Protocol; Ports 20 and 21
KerberosPort 88
POP3 (v3)Post Office Protocol; Port 110