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CompTIA Network+ Protocols Flashcards

TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol; Port 69
FTPFile Transfer Protocol; Ports 20 and 21
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol; Dynamically assigns IP, DNS, and subnet mask to network devices. Ports 67, 68.
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol; Port 161
BGPBorder Gateway Protocol; Exterior Gateway routing protocol used for exchanging routing information between network systems. Typically found at the ISP level.
EIGRPEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol; Cisco distance-vector routing protocol.
DNSDomain Name Server/Service; Port 53
IPv4Internet Protocol version 4; 32 Bits; Dotted Decimal format
OSPFOpen Shorteset Path First; Link-state routing protocol.
TelnetUnencrypted; Port 23
NTPNetwork Time Protocol; port 123
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol; Port 80
POP3Post Office Protocol; Port 110
SSHSecure Shell; Port 22
UDPUniform Datagram Protocol; Layer 4
NATNetwork Address Translation; Translates between IP addresses of different networks. Typically between private and public IP networks.
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol + SSL/TLS; Port 443
IPInternet Protocol; Layer 3
APIPAAutomatic Private IP Addressing. Assigned to Windows OS's if DHCP fails.
RIPRouting Information Protocol. Basic, distance vector routing protocol.
PATPort Address Translation (Aka NAT Overload). Type of NAT that uses 1 to many IP translations by utilizing layer 4 port numbers.
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol; Discovers network devices on a LAN; Records MAC Addresses of LAN.
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol; Port 25