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CompTIA Network+ N10-008 All Acronyms Flashcards

CWDMCoarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing
UPCUltra-Physical Contact
VPNVirtual Private Network
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
MPLSMultiprotocol Label Switching
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
LEDLight-Emitting Diode
IaaSInfrastructure as a Service
MIMOMultiple Input, Multiple Output
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
MACMedia Access Control/Medium Access Control
SANStorage Area Network
iSCSIInternet Small Computer Systems Interface
CIAConfidentiality, Integrity, and Availability
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
MTBFMean Time Between Failure
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
PaaSPlatform as a Service
PDUPower Distribution Unit
CIDRClassless Inter-Domain Routing
CSMA/CDCarrier-Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
EIAElectronic Industries Association
LCLocal Connector
MU-MIMOMultiuser - Multiple Input, Multiple Output
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
DNSDomain Name System
IPSecInternet Protocol Security
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
APIPAAutomatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing
IPSIntrusion Prevention System
NGFWNext-Generation Firewall
SQLStructured Query Language
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
IPInternet Protocol
UTPUnshielded Twister Pair
VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol
APCAngled Physical Contact
BYODBring Your Own Device
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CLICommand-Line Interface
OSPFOpen Shortest Path First
HVACHeating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
NFVNetwork Function Virtualization
PoEPower over Ethernet
LANLocal Area Network
IDFIntermediate Distribution Frame
IGMPInternet Group Management Protocol
OTDROptical Time Domain Reflectometer
URLUniform Resource Locator
RAIDRedundant Array of Inexpensive (or Independent) Disks
EIGRPEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
RPORecovery Point Objective
RTSPReal Time Streaming Protocol
SRVService Record
PTRPointer Record
PSKPre-Shared Key
IDSIntrusion Detection System
NSName Server
NTPNetwork Time Protocol
SSOSingle Sign-On
VMVirtual Machine
HDMIHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface
RJRegistered Jack
SYSLOGSystem Log
VRRPVirtual Router Redundancy Protocol
SaaSSoftware as a Service
WAPWireless Access Point
CAMContent Addressable Memory (table)
GBICGigabit Interface Converter
GREGeneric Routing Encapsulation
PATPort Address Translation
SIEMSecurity Information and Event Management
SSIDService Set Identifier
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
RSSIReceived Signal Strength Indication
UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
TTLTime to Live
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service
SDNSoftware-Defined Network
EUIExtended Unique Identifier
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
IoTInternet of Things
USBUniversal Serial Bus
VLANVirtual Local Area Network
DSUData Service Unit
FHRPFirst Hop Redundancy Protocol
ICSIndustrial Control System
MDFMain Distribution Frame
MDIXMedium Dependent Interface Crossover
mGREMultipoint Generic Routing Encapsulation
MTUMaximum Transmission Unit
RDPRemote Desktop Protocol
WDMWavelength Division Multiplexing
RIPRouting Internet Protocol
BNCBritish Naval Connector/Bayonet Neill-Concelman
SSHSecure Shell
MT-RJMechanical Transfer - Registered Jack
DaaSDesktop as a Service
NACNetwork Access Control
RARouter Advertisements
TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol
WLANWireless Local Area Network
STStraight Tip or Snap Twist
WPAWiFi Protected Access
NASNetwork Attached Storage
MIBManagement Information Base
SOHOSmall Office Home Office
TLSTransport Layer Security
IPv6Internet Protocol version 6
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol
NDANon-Disclosure Agreement
NICNetwork Interface Card
CSMA/CACarrier-Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
QoSQuality of Service
TKIPTemporal Key Integrity Protocol
EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power
APAccess Point
BGPBorder Gateway Protocol
CRCCyclic Redundancy Check
DDoSDistributed Denial-of-Service
POP3Post Office Protocol version 3
RFCRequest for Comment
STPSpanning Tree Protocol
PANPersonal Area Network
RGRadio Guide
ISPInternet Service Provider
DLPData Loss Prevention
CSUChannel Service Unit
MANMetropolitan Area Network
QSFPQuad Small Form-factor Pluggable
SIPSession Initiation Protocol
SLAACStateless Address Auto-Configuration
WANWide Area Network
LACPLink Aggregation Control Protocol
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition
AHAuthentication Header
GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications
SSLSecure Sockets Layer
CANCampus Area Network
DWDMDense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
ESPEncapsulating Security Payload
OIDObject Identifier
SDWANSoftware-Defined WAN
ACLAccess Control List
SCStandard Connector/Subscriber Connector
TACACS+Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus
NATNetwork Address Translation
SOAStart of Authority
AAAAAuthentication, Authorization, Accounting, Auditing
SFTPSecure File Transfer Protocol
SMBServer Message Block
CNAMECanonical Name
EAPExtensible Authentication Protocol
TX/RXTransmit and Receive
SSDSolid-State Drive
TIA/EIATelecommunications Industry Association/Electronic Industries Alliance
LDAPSLightweight Directory Access Protocol (over SSL)
VNCVirtual Network Computing
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
RFRadio Frequency
RTORecovery Time Objective
LTELong-Term Evolution
MTTRMean Time to Repair
FCoEFibre Channel over Ethernet
HAHigh Availability
SFPSmall Form-factor Pluggable
CVECommon Vulnerabilities and Exposures
SLAService Level Agreement
IPv4Internet Protocol version 4
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
VIPVirtual IP
vNICvirtual Network Interface Card
AUPAcceptable Use Policy
MXMail Exchange

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