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CompTIA Linux+ XK0-005 All CLI Tools Flashcards

pingSend ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts.
SSHSecure Shell a protocol for secure remote login and other secure network services.
routeShow/manipulate the IP routing table.
blkidLocate or print block device attributes.
rmdirRemove directories.
partprobeInform the kernel about partition table changes.
xzCompress or decompress files using high compression.
lsList directory contents.
cpCopy files and directories.
partedPartition manipulation program.
mtrNetwork diagnostic tool.
zipPackage and compress (archive) files.
mkdirCreate directories.
treeDisplay a tree representation of directory structure.
ddConvert and copy a file.
head / tailOutput the first/last part of files.
scpSecure copy (remote file copy program).
rmRemove files or directories.
mvMove or rename files or directories.
pwdPrint working directory.
vi / vimText editors with vim being an improved version of vi.
nmcliNetwork Manager command line tool.
lsscsiList SCSI devices.
echoDisplay a line of text.
statDisplay file or file system status.
teeRead from standard input and write to standard output and files.
nc (netcat)Networking utility for reading/writing from/to network connections.
hostnameShow or set the system's host name.
cutRemove sections from each line of files.
cdChange directory.
tcpdumpDump traffic on a network.
fileDetermine file type.
tarArchive tool commonly used to group files into a single file.
systemctlSystem and service manager.
nsswitchService for configuring the handling of name service requests.
lvcreate / lvchange / lvextendLVM commands for managing logical volumes.
gzipTool for file compression.
findSearch for files in a directory hierarchy.
sourceRead and execute commands from a file.
grep / egrepPrint lines matching a pattern.
cpioCopy files to and from archives.
bzip2File compression utility.
pvcreate / vgcreate / vgextendCommands for creating/extending physical volumes and volume groups in LVM.
xargsBuild and execute command lines from standard input.
lsblkList block devices.
dig / nslookup / hostDNS lookup utilities.
ifconfigConfigure or display network interface parameters.
trTranslate or delete characters.
duDisk usage - estimate file space usage.
touchChange file timestamps.
WHOISQuery and response protocol for querying databases storing registered users or assignees of an Internet resource.
cURL / wgetData transfer tools supporting various protocols.
netstatNetwork statistics utility.
sedStream editor for filtering and transforming text.
catConcatenate files and print on the standard output.
tracerouteTrace the route to a network host.
fdiskManipulate disk partition table.
dfDisplay free disk space.
rsyncUtility for efficient file transfer and synchronization.
nanoEasy to use command line text editor.
printfFormat and print data.
mdadmManage MD (multi-disk) devices for RAID.
awkPattern scanning and processing language.
mountMount a file system.
SCPSecure Copy Protocol for securely transferring files.
wcPrint newline word and byte counts for files.
wireshark / tsharkNetwork protocol analyzers.