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AWS Cloud Practitioner CLF-002 All AWS Services and Products Flashcards

Amazon FSxManaged file systems for various workloads.
Amazon RedshiftFully managed data warehouse service for fast and scalable querying.
Amazon ConnectCloud-based contact center service for customer service.
AWS Trusted AdvisorOptimize AWS infrastructure for cost, performance, and security.
AWS Directory ServiceManaged Microsoft Active Directory in the AWS Cloud.
AWS Cloud HSMManaged hardware security module service.
Amazon KinesisReal-time data streaming service for analytics and processing.
AWS Firewall ManagerCentrally configure and manage firewall rules.
AWS BudgetsSet custom cost and usage budgets for better financial management.
Amazon GuardDutyThreat detection service for protecting AWS accounts.
AWS SupportTechnical support plans for AWS services.
AWS X-RayAnalyze and debug applications in the cloud.
Amazon WorkSpacesVirtual desktops in the cloud.
Amazon EKSManaged Kubernetes service for running Kubernetes on AWS.
AWS Cloud9Cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE).
AWS AmplifyTools to build and deploy mobile and web applications.
AWS Control TowerSet up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment.
Amazon LightsailEasy-to-use cloud platform to launch and manage virtual private servers.
Amazon RekognitionImage and video analysis service.
AWS Service CatalogCreate and manage catalogs of IT services.
Amazon S3Scalable object storage with high availability and durability.
AWS OrganizationsCentrally manage and govern AWS environments.
AWS CloudShellBrowser-based shell to manage AWS resources.
Amazon ECRManaged container image registry service.
AWS GlueServerless data integration service to prepare data for analytics.
AWS Health DashboardAccess real-time health information on AWS services.
Amazon TranscribeAutomatic speech recognition service.
AWS Launch WizardDeploy Microsoft applications quickly and easily.
AWS License ManagerManage software licenses from vendors.
Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)Scalable file storage for use with Amazon EC2.
Amazon ECSHighly scalable container orchestration service.
Amazon QuickSightBusiness analytics service for creating interactive dashboards and reports.
AWS CodeCommitSecure, scalable, managed source control service.
AWS Direct ConnectEstablish a dedicated network connection to AWS.
AWS IAMManage access to AWS services and resources.
AWS Secrets ManagerSecurely store and manage secrets.
Amazon DynamoDBFast and flexible NoSQL database service.
AWS MarketplaceOnline store for buying and selling software that runs on AWS.
Amazon MacieData security and privacy service using machine learning.
AWS Auto ScalingAutomatically adjust capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance.
Amazon CognitoUser authentication and authorization service.
AWS WAFWeb application firewall to protect against exploits and vulnerabilities.
AWS Elastic Disaster RecoveryDisaster recovery for on-premises and cloud-based applications.
AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT)Convert database schemas to AWS-native formats.
Amazon API GatewayCreate, publish, and manage APIs.
AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)Provision, manage, and deploy SSL/TLS certificates.
AWS Managed Services (AMS)Managed infrastructure operations on AWS.
AWS Resource Access Manager (AWS RAM)Share resources with other AWS accounts.
Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)Block storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2.
AWS AppSyncManaged service for building and running GraphQL APIs.
AWS FargateServerless compute engine for containers.
AWS ShieldDDoS protection service for applications running on AWS.
Amazon VPCIsolated cloud resources in a virtual network.
AWS Audit ManagerSimplify auditing in the cloud.
AWS BatchEasily run batch computing workloads of any scale.
AWS OutpostsRun AWS infrastructure and services on-premises for hybrid cloud solutions.
Amazon CloudWatchMonitor and manage cloud resources and applications.
AWS LambdaRun code without provisioning or managing servers.
AWS CodePipelineAutomate continuous integration and delivery pipelines.
AWS Migration HubTrack migrations across AWS.
Amazon NeptuneFully managed graph database service.
AWS AppConfigQuickly deploy application configuration changes.
AWS ConfigTrack AWS resource configurations.
AWS Resource Groups and Tag EditorOrganize and manage AWS resources.
AWS Step FunctionsOrchestration service to coordinate distributed applications and microservices.
AWS Snow FamilyMigrate data using physical devices.
AWS Elastic BeanstalkDeploy and manage web applications in the cloud without worrying about infrastructure.
AWS WavelengthDeliver ultra-low latency applications for mobile devices.
AWS CodeBuildFully managed build service in the cloud.
AWS IAM Identity CenterSingle sign-on access to multiple AWS accounts.
AWS Storage GatewayHybrid cloud storage service for on-premises environments.
AWS Data ExchangeEasily find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud.
AWS VPNSecurely connect to AWS resources.
AWS IoT GreengrassRun local compute, messaging, and data caching for IoT devices.
AWS Global AcceleratorImprove availability and performance of applications.
AWS Management ConsoleWeb-based interface for managing AWS services.
Amazon EventBridgeServerless event bus for building event-driven applications.
Amazon SQSFully managed message queuing service for decoupling components.
Amazon InspectorAutomated security assessment service.
AWS Device FarmApp testing service for web and mobile apps.
AWS ArtifactAccess compliance reports and agreements.
AWS Systems ManagerCentralized resource management service.
Amazon AppStream 2.0Stream desktop applications securely to any device.
Amazon SageMakerBuild, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale.
AWS IoT CoreConnect IoT devices to the cloud.
AWS Application Discovery ServicePlan migration projects by discovering on-premises resources.
AWS Security HubCentral security and compliance management.
AWS Cost ExplorerVisualize and manage AWS costs and usage over time.
Amazon MemoryDB for RedisRedis-compatible in-memory database service.
Amazon CloudFrontContent delivery network (CDN) for fast and secure delivery.
Amazon EC2Scalable virtual servers in the cloud.
Amazon TranslateNeural machine translation service.
AWS CloudTrailTrack user activity and API usage across AWS.
AWS Network FirewallManaged firewall service to protect VPCs.
AWS Compute OptimizerRecommend optimal AWS resources for your workloads.
Amazon EMRManaged Hadoop framework that makes it easy to process vast amounts of data.
Amazon SESEmail sending service for marketing and transactional messages.
Amazon KendraIntelligent search service powered by machine learning.
AWS CloudFormationCreate and manage resources with templates.
AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS)Migrate databases to AWS quickly and securely.
Amazon AthenaInteractive query service to analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL.
Amazon ComprehendNatural language processing (NLP) service to uncover insights from text.
Amazon TextractAutomatically extract text and data from scanned documents.
Amazon WorkSpaces WebSecure, reliable browser access to internal websites and SaaS apps.
Amazon Route 53Scalable DNS and domain registration service.
Amazon DetectiveAnalyze and visualize security data to identify potential threats.
Amazon S3 GlacierLow-cost archival storage service.
AWS CodeDeployAutomate code deployments to any instance.
AWS Cost and Usage ReportComprehensive data about AWS costs and usage.
Amazon LexBuild conversational interfaces using voice and text.
Amazon MSKFully managed service to build and run applications using Apache Kafka.
AWS Billing ConductorCustomize billing and cost management processes.
Amazon PollyTurn text into lifelike speech using deep learning.
Amazon OpenSearch ServiceManaged service to deploy, operate, and scale OpenSearch clusters.
AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS)Create and control encryption keys.
Amazon SNSFully managed messaging service for sending notifications.
AWS CodeArtifactArtifact repository service for software development.
AWS Well-Architected ToolReview and improve cloud workloads based on best practices.
AWS BackupCentralized backup service to protect AWS data.
AWS Activate for StartupsResources and credits for startups building on AWS.
AWS IQConnect with AWS certified experts for project work.
AWS Local ZonesRun latency-sensitive applications closer to end-users.
Amazon AuroraHigh-performance managed relational database compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL.
AWS Transfer FamilyTransfer files to and from AWS services.
AWS CLIUnified tool to manage AWS services from the command line.
AWS CodeStarDevelop, build, and deploy applications on AWS.
Amazon RDSManaged relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and SQL Server.
AWS Application Migration ServiceMigrate applications to AWS without changes.

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