What Happens After Your CompTIA Exam

Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2023

What Happens After Your CompTIA Exam

What happens after you submit your CompTIA Exam?

Congratulations on completing your CompTIA exam! The culmination of your hard work and preparation is a momentous occasion. Now, let's explore what happens in the aftermath of the exam and how you can effectively navigate the post-exam process.

Your Exam Score

As soon as you wrap up your CompTIA exam, your score will be displayed on the screen, offering instant feedback on your performance. Additionally, you'll encounter the exam exit survey, a valuable opportunity to provide feedback on your testing experience. If you successfully pass the exam, brace yourself for a congratulatory email from CompTIA. This email will contain crucial instructions on accessing and managing your certification record. Some employers or future employers may ask you to confirm your CompTIA Certification, so don't delete this email as you may need it again in the future!

You will be able to login and manage your CompTIA certification records at https://www.certmetrics.com/comptia

Essential Record-Keeping

Be sure to keep the following bits of information as you may need them again in the future to prove you have passed your CompTIA Exam:

Exam Registration Number: This unique identifier is your key to accessing your certification record.

Access Instructions: Make a note of the steps to access your certification record to streamline the login process. Registered Email Address: The email you used for registration is integral to logging into your certification account. This information is not just a formality; it's your passport to your certification journey.

Remember, some employers may require verification of your certificate and you will need this information again to do so!

In-Person Exam Insights

For those who opt for in-person testing at a designated center, you'll receive a comprehensive score report, shedding light on specific areas where you excelled and others that may need attention. This is similar to Crucial Exams' Report Card feature which is available to Premium Users.

Online Exam Procedures

If you've chosen the online testing route, your post-exam view is streamlined to reveal your score. For a more detailed analysis, you can download your score report through your Pearson VUE account.

What if you did not pass?

Don't worry, many people do not succeed in their CompTIA exam on the first try. If you purchased a voucher with a retake, you will be able to use the voucher again when you are. If you did not purchase a voucher with a retake, you will need to purchase another voucher and schedule the exam again. The results page after submitting your exam will list areas by exam objective where you struggled. Use this information to create a new plan and identify your focus areas!

Most importantly - don't give up! There is no public record of your score or failed attempts, so once you pass the cert in the future that is all any potential employers will see! A pass is a pass, no matter your score or how many attempts it took. Don't give up!