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Price comparison: Who has the cheapest Discount CompTIA Vouchers?

Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2024 (Updated Thursday, May 23, 2024)

Price comparison: Who has the cheapest Discount CompTIA Vouchers?
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Comparing Crucial Exams, Professor Messer, and Jason Dion CompTIA Vouchers

When preparing for CompTIA certification exams, finding the best voucher deal can save you money and ensure you have the flexibility and support you need. In this post, we compare CompTIA voucher offerings from three popular providers: Crucial Exams, Professor Messer, and Jason Dion. We will look at their pricing, voucher expiration policies, delivery times, regional availability, and usability for online vs. in-person exams.

Before we dig in, if you are a student you should first check the CompTIA Academic Store and see if you qualify for the student pricing. This is by far the best pricing available anywhere, but you will need to qualify first!

Pricing Comparison

Here's a breakdown of the pricing for CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ vouchers from each provider. These prices are for the North America Region using the standard 1-take voucher sold by all vendors. For the Crucial Exams pricing we have included both the free-tier/non-member pricing and the additional discount on vouchers available to users who are Premium Members (including monthly and lifetime members).

CompTIA A+ Voucher (220-1101 or 220-1102)
Professor Messer$227.00-$26.00
Jason Dion$227.70-$25.30
Crucial Exams$227.00-$26.00
Crucial Exams (Premium Membership)$222.00-$31.00
CompTIA Network+ Voucher (N10-008)
Professor Messer$332.00-$37.00
Jason Dion$332.10-$36.90
Crucial Exams$332.00-$37.00
Crucial Exams (Premium Membership)$324.00-$45.00
CompTIA Security+ Voucher (SY0-601 or SY0-701)
Professor Messer$362.00-$42.00
Jason Dion$363.60-$40.40
Crucial Exams$363.00-$41.00
Crucial Exams (Premium Membership)$355.00-$49.00


  • Standard vouchers are all approximately 10% off
  • Some vendors round down to the nearest dollar while others don't, but the pricing available to all users is about the same between all vendors
  • Crucial Exams (Premium Membership) provides the most significant discount overall, but a membership is required

Voucher Expirations

Understanding how long your voucher is valid is crucial to avoid any last-minute stress.

SellerExpiration Period
Professor MesserApproximately 1 year from purchase date
Jason Dion9-12 months from purchase date
Crucial ExamsGuaranteed 12 months from purchase date

Jason Dion's FAQ states that they keep an inventory of vouchers internally, but this does pose a slight risk because vouchers expire 12 months from the date they are issued by CompTIA. This means anyone keeping their own inventory will have varying expiration dates.


  • Professor Messer and Crucial Exams provide a clear 12-month validity.
  • Jason Dion offers a variable 9-12 month validity from purchase date.

Voucher Extensions

CompTIA does not offer voucher extensions, which means Authorized Partners cannot extend voucher expirations either. Jason Dion does offer a voucher extension service for other vouchers, but this is not applicable to CompTIA.

Voucher Delivery and Delivery Times

Speed and convenience of delivery can make a difference, especially if you're on a tight schedule.

SellerDelivery Time
Professor MesserEmailed within 24 hours
Jason DionEmailed within 15 minutes
Crucial ExamsEmailed within 24 hours, also available on CrucialExams.com after email delivery

Jason Dion keeps an inventory of CompTIA vouchers on-hand internally, allowing fast delivery times but a shorter time to use the voucher before it expires.


  • Jason Dion provides the fastest delivery, typically within 15 minutes, but this convenience means you may not get a full 12 months to use the voucher
  • All vendors deliver the voucher code via email
  • Crucial Exams offers additional convenience by making the voucher available on their website.

Countries and Regions

CompTIA divides voucher availability and pricing globally into several regions. Purchasing a voucher for one region and using it in another region is not possible. It is essential to know if the vouchers are valid in your location.

SellerSupported Regions
Professor MesserOnly supports North America (USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, US territories)
Jason DionSupports all regions where CompTIA vouchers are available
Crucial ExamsOnly supports North America (USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, US territories)


  • Crucial Exams and Professor Messer each only support the North American CompTIA Region.
  • Jason Dion supports the broadest range of regions globally.

Voucher Usability (Online vs. In-person)

All CompTIA Vouchers support Online and In-Person examinations, regardless of who/where they were purchased from.


Choosing the right CompTIA voucher provider depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here's a quick recap:

  • Best Pricing: Crucial Exams with a Premium Membership
  • Fastest Delivery: Jason Dion
  • Longest Validity: Professor Messer and Crucial Exams (12 months)
  • Best Regional Support: Jason Dion

By considering these factors, you can select the provider that best fits your requirements and helps you achieve your CompTIA certification goals efficiently and economically.

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