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CompTIA A Plus 220 902 Test 2

The CompTIA 220-901 exam is one of two exams requires to obtain the CompTIA A+ (900 series). This exam will cover operating systems like Windows, Macintosh OSX and Linux as well as topics like security, software troubleshooting and operational procedures.

  • Questions: 20
  • Time: 60 seconds per question (0 hours, 20 minutes, 0 seconds)

Amanda, a user, has a laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate. She has asked the IT Department to update her laptop to run Windows 10 Pro. Which of the following should be done first?

  • Purchase a valid Windows 10 Pro License
  • Run the Windows 10 Update Software
  • Reformat the laptop with NTFS10
  • Verify the laptop can support Windows 10 Pro requirements

Which of the following is true about a file when it is copied from an NTFS to a FAT32 partitions?

  • All file permissions must be reassigned
  • All of the file permissions are lost
  • The file owner is preserved
  • The file name becomes case insensitive

Which of the following Windows command line tools will provide a computer's network configuration information?

  • tracert
  • netstat
  • ipconfig
  • ping

Which of the following will allow a Windows OS to boot with only the essentials like basic drivers, required programs and default settings?

  • Standby Mode
  • Safe Mode
  • Guest Mode
  • System Restore Mode

Which of the following Windows commands can identify and repair corrupted information and other hard drive issues?

  • None of the above

You are a desktop technician for a public school district. Your supervisor has asked you to write a script that will configure the wireless adapters on student's Linux based laptops to connect only to authorized access point. Assuming the access point's MAC Address is 00:0D:9D:C6:38:2D, which command will help you achieve this?

  • ethtools -lock 00:0D:9D:C6:38:2D
  • ifconfig eth0:0 00:0D:9D:C6:38:2D
  • iptables /netfilter auth-only 00:0D:9D:C6:38:2D
  • iwconfig ap 00:0D:9D:C6:38:2D

After installing Windows 10 on a Laptop PC alongside an existing Red Hat Linux installation you receive a message stating that the GRUB file is missing when you try to boot the PC. Which of the following is the best option?

  • Rebuild the GRUB using a Red Hat Disc
  • Ignore the error and boot into Windows 10 for the first time
  • Reinstall Windows 10, selecting allow multiboot under advanced installation options
  • Upgrade to GRUB for Windows to allow both Windows and Linux to operate

Which of the following terms describes a folder's permissions defaulting to match the permissions of it's parent's folder?

  • Provisioning
  • Inheritance
  • Permission Propagation
  • SSO

You are installing Windows Server 2008 R2 onto a new company file server that uses a RAID card. You have verified that all cabling is correctly seated, but Windows is not recognizing any storage mediums for installation. Which of the following will most likely correct the issue?

  • Wait a few moments, then press refresh to force Windows to detect drives
  • Use the correct RAID driver
  • Ensure the Windows server supports PXE Boot/Installation
  • Enable PATA in the BIOS

You need to download and install a package using the apt-get command on an Ubuntu environment. After running the command you receive an error stating you do not have permissions to perform this action. What should you do next?

  • Right click the terminal and select Run as Administrator
  • Prepend sudo to your command
  • Switch to the administrative user account
  • Fast swap to root

You are a network administrator for a large company. Several network users have complained that they are receiving odd emails from another user, who claims they have not sent any emails today. Which of the following will most likely stop the issue?

  • Install a more expensive spam filter
  • Check the networks firewall for unauthorized entries
  • Reinstall the user's email client
  • Change the user's account password

A technician is accessing a Windows PC via SSH. Which command can the technician use to create a new directory on the PC?

  • MD
  • CD
  • New

You have just configured permissions for a set of folders on an NTFS disk, the folders also have another set of share permissions. When a user connects to one of these folders through a network share, which of the following is true?

  • Only NTFS permissions will apply when accessing through a shared NTFS folder
  • The least restrictive permissions from both NTFS and Share will apply
  • Only Share permissions will apply when accessing through a share folder
  • The most restrictive permissions from both NTFS and Share will apply

Which of the following security threats is BEST mitigated through proper user training?

  • A Worm
  • Browser Adware
  • Rootkits
  • Social Engineering

Which of the following is the best definition for open source software?

  • Software whose code is certified by a third party reviewer
  • None of the above
  • Software whose code is available to the public
  • Software whose code is not available

Your employer has recently began investigating an employee for using a computer to host and share illegal materials. You have been asked to keep track of the computer's hard drive until it is turned over to the proper authorities. What term best defines this situation?

  • Data Possession Control (DPC)
  • Chain of Custody
  • Material Supervision
  • Digital Provenance

Which Windows tool can prevent programs from automatically opening upon start up on the Windows 7 Operating System?


You have been instructed to configure a database server running Windows Server 2008 to alert technicians when the server's processor or memory is running above 75% capacity. Which of the following technologies will help you achieve this?

  • System Configuration
  • Task Scheduler
  • Task Manager
  • Performance Monitor

A malicious user has gained access to several user accounts by guessing their password. The malicious user was able to guess passwords using a list of commonly used phrases and words. Which of the following terms best describes this type of attack?

  • Brute Force Attack
  • Spoofing
  • Zero Day Attack
  • Dictionary Attack

What is step 3 in the trouble shooting theory?

  • Test the theory to determine the cause
  • Document findings
  • Consider corporate policies
  • Verify full functionality