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CompTIA A Plus 220 801 Test 1

Free CompTIA A+ 220-801 practice test, CompTIA A Plus 220 801 Test 1. This is a practice exam for IT professionals studying for the CompTIA A+ 220-801. A+ covers the fundamentals of computer technology, installation and configuration of PCs, laptops and related hardware, and basic networking.

  • Questions: 20
  • Time: 60 seconds per question (0 hours, 20 minutes, 0 seconds)

Which of the following protocols will assign IP addresses to network devices?

  • ARP

  • DNS

  • RARP

  • DHCP

Which of the following tools will attach an RJ-45 end to a Cat-5 cable?

  • Cable tester

  • Loopback

  • Crimper

  • Punch down

What type of expansion card can record security footage from a CCTV system?

  • PCI TV Tuner

  • NIC

  • Video recording software

  • PCIe16 Video Adapter card

You are a Server Administrator at a small company. Company policy dictates that all remote connections must be encrypted and accessed using some form of authentication. Which of the following will allow a user to upload a large file from home, while adhering to company policy?

  • SMTP

  • SSH

  • FTP

  • SFTP

Which of the following will be the first to receive heat leaving a processor?

  • CPU Fan

  • Thermal paste

  • Case Fan

  • Heat Sink

What storage media should you purchase to build a RAID array for a server?

  • Blue-Ray discs/readers


  • External USB Hard drives

  • Dual Layer DVDs

You need to build or select a PC that will be mass produced for your corporate network. What should you consider most?

  • Amount of RAM

  • HDD capacity

  • Requirements for applications

  • HDD read/write speeds

Which of the following network standards can operate at two different channel widths on the same spectrum simultaneously?

  • 802.11b

  • 802.11n

  • 802.11g

  • 802.11a

A 802.11g wireless network has a max speed of?

  • 54Mbps

  • 72Mbps

  • 1Gbps

  • 11Mbps

Why would you use plenum rated cables when installing new cabling in a data-center?

  • Allows cabling to be easily bent without snapping

  • Efficiently reduces EMI and cross talk in STP cabling

  • Reduction in hazardous fumes if cable is on fire

  • Ensures an intruder cannot wire tap your cabling

You are installing a floppy drive into a new desktop PC, what should you check for before purchasing or installing?

  • Ensure power supply has a Berg connector

  • Ensure BIOS is updated

  • None of the above

  • Ensure power supply has correct floppy driver

What CAT version is RATED to provide a transmission speed of 100 mbps?

  • CAT5

  • CAT5e

  • CAT6

  • CAT3

Which medium can travel the farthest distance while losing minimal data?

  • CAT6 STP

  • Fiber

  • CAT5e UTP

  • USB 3.0

You want to host a gaming server for you and your friends to play on. Where on your network would you place it?

  • None of the above

  • next to your router

  • DMZ

  • Separate subnet

Which of the following should have a heat sink?

  • RAID contoller

  • CPU


  • Audio Card

You are trying to use RDP to control a Windows computer from your office to an accountant's computer in the corporate office building. What port should be opened in the firewalls between the two locations?

  • 21

  • 22

  • 143

  • 3389

Which connector type is used for CAT5e cabling?

  • RJ-45

  • ST

  • RJ-11

  • F

Which of the following network topologies provides the most redundancy?

  • Ring

  • Token-Ring

  • Bus

  • Mesh

A client is complaining their laptop often does not charge, or stops charging if they move it. What is most likely the issue?

  • Laptop's DC jack

  • The wall outlet nearest to the client's desk

  • CMOS Battery

  • Laptop's AC jack

You are worried about your cabling being susceptible to EMI, what would be the best choice if cost is not a factor?

  • Fiber

  • Coax

  • UTP

  • STP

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