About the Voucher Marketplace

The Crucial Exams Voucher Marketplace is a curated list of discount voucher sellers and their current sales. We automatically track discounts and prices to help our users find the best price available.

No. Crucial Exams does not sell vouchers for CompTIA or any other certification exams. We do partner with 3rd parties who do sell vouchers and other products. Our goal is to help you find the best possible discounts on vouchers by tracking prices elsewhere. In some cases we may earn a commission by referring our users to these 3rd party sellers.

We think so, yes. We partner with authorized resellers, such as CompTIA Authorized Partners for CompTIA vouchers.

The reasons can vary, but typically the best discounts are because the vouchers are due to expire soon. Carefully read the product description during purchasing to make sure you understand any important item like which countries the voucher can be used and when the voucher expires.